Andre Mulyadi, is one of the top designer, builder, and creative thinkers at Indonesian Automotive. Gone ahead bring modifications in Indonesia in the next level with collaboration for victory with Alpine Indonesia, Pioneer Indonesia, V-Kool Indonesia, Top 1 Oil Indonesia, Wollsdorf Leather, STP, GT Radial and many more.

Andre Mulyadi been able to partner up with some of the most established automotive manufacturers in the segment including : Toyota Indonesia, Tata Motors, Renault Indonesia, KIA Indonesia, Ford Motors Indonesia.

Andre Mulyadi had his hand in designing and building more than hundreds high profile vehicles on various platforms ranging from first Indonesia Electric Car named “SKEV-1″, Custom Muscle Car with Supercharged Wei and 350 Cid and Future Honda Jazz, and The Champion Toyota Yaris, also 11 meters full spec car named “Max-R”.

Beside designing and building cars he was also the conceptor and creative thinkers for : Live Modz Show Off in Collaboration with Dyandra for world breaking record modified 2 cars in 3 days, IIMS Street Show Off (Live Mural Art for International Motorshow), International extreme car show Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, International Modified Show Indonesia, ICTS Team Battle (Modified Team Battle in Olympic Style Regulations).

His overall talents brought him number accolades including all of Indonesian Events : The Champion of Modified at 2008 (Muscle 350), Champion of Modified 2009 (Panther Hummer), Champion of Modified 2010 (SKEV-1), Champion Modified at Accelera (2011), Champion of Modified in Yaris Show Off (2010,2012), Champion of Jazz Tuning (2012), and many more.

Even though Andre Mulyadi has come a long way over the past ten years, he still has a long way to go before he’s satisfied. Andre continues on his mission to help the automotive aftermarket and established automotive manufacturer can be join and bring Indonesian Automotive market to the next level.